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Plantaze Vranac Pro Corde Montenegro (Small Format Bottle) 2015 (187ml)

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Producer Plantaze
Country Montenegro
Varietal Vranac
Vintage 2015
Sku 48679
Size 187ml

The color of the wine is dark ruby. On nose, expressed, fruity aromas with the dominating blackberry and cherry aromas . Well balanced wine with noticeable tannins that are finely harmonized with the tones of the ripe, red fruit. The wine is full bodied and longlasting.

Pro Corde is ideal with the good quality, young beef meat-  the beefsteaks, roasted lamb meat, game meat as well as with the poultry-with the roasted goose or duck . It matches great with the spicy goulash as well as with the grilled tuna fish. It is perfect with mature, hard cheese.

After seven years of research and tens of different micro and macro trials, at the beginning of the ‘90s a completely new technology of the vinification was designed and in 1993, Vranac of the specific name ‘Pro Corde (‘for heart’) was launched at the market.Traditional maceration and vinification were performed during production of the wine Pro Corde, by special technological procedure, resulting in the increased contents of proanthocyanidols, natural ingredients of the grapes that can bind the free radicals and they have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Plantaze Description

Over half a century, the Montenegrin company 13.jul-Planta?e represents one of the greatest and most important producers of grapes, wines and grape brandy in Southeastern Europe .It owns a unique vineyard in a single complex, covering impressive area of cc.2.300 ha.Nowadays, Planta?e produces cc.22 million kilos of grapes annually, selling more than 16 million bottled products in over 40 countries in the world.

Our company, as one of the most successful Montenegrin companies has a thousand years long Montengrin tradition of viticulture and wine making and it focuses its attention at autochtonous grape varieties and authentic Montenegrin wine, reflecting Montenegrin culture and spirit of the unique area, located between the sea and mountains. That passion has not withered even after half a century.

Planta?e is recognisable by the authentic wines, made of the authentic grape varieties. Each wine is different because it has been made in a particular place and in a single vineyard.

It has been said that time is most precious af all existing things. For wine , the time is very important, as well. The time when the grapes grow and when processed into wine. The time when the wine has been tended and stored. The time when wine becomes mature. It is over half a century that Planta?e bestows all its time to the grapes and wine. Therefore,  Planta?e has been ranked as the regional leader in this field , being fully right when pointing out that if the truth is in a wine, Planta?e is the company to be believed.

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